The ideal tool for removing mortar for you as; repointing company, building company, restauration or isolation company

The GERFA mortar chisel can be used for:

1. Removing mortar for restauration, repointing, renovation, or placing ledstrips or kitlayers.
2. Removing complete bricks undamaged.
3. Removing old tiles.
4. Removing plasterwork.

The most important advantages for you:

• Manufactured from one piece of carefully selected quality steel.
• Hardmetal teeth for long duration.
• Conical shape in width and thickness. This to avoid jamming of the chisels.
• Mortar chisels for the most common machines ex stock: SDS+, SDS-Max, Atlas Copco, Duss, Berko, Ingersoll Rand, Makita, Fuji).
• Available in long and short version.
• Available in various thicknesses..
• Less dust accumulation than grinding.
• Direct communication with the factory, constant quality guaranteed.

If the right connection is not available, we are able to produce these for you in small quantities and in a short time.

Our wide assortment offers you mortar chisels in several thicknesses and lenghts


For small joints choose 4 mm thickness, furthermore we have 6 mm and 7.2 mm thickness. If you make the right choise you will not get stuck during your work.


The mortar chisel with a thickness of 4 mm is the perfect tool to use for the renovation of historical buildings.


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