Brazed carbide



Gerfa Tools has been a manufacturer of specials for many years. These specials are made according to a drawing/sketch of the tool, but sometimes the basis lies in the product that has to be made with the tool.

Fast delivery times, reliability and a high quality are an essential part of the Gerfa product. The fact that we also deliver tools to the medical sector, where the demands on quality are very high, proves that Gerfa Tools has earned its merrits on the quality field.

The roots of Gerfa Tools lie in the metal cutting industries. Over the years we also made tools to process wood, different kind of plastics, stone and concrete, etc. Furthermore we produce special clamping tools, toolholders, reducing tools, gages, reamers, etc.

Through the years we have develloped a large experience in making specials for all kinds of materials. We are certain you can benefit of our knowledge



The word special says it all. It is almost impossible to describe all the products we make, because they are special products and therefore it is sometimes difficult to put them in a certain product group

We value your enquiries and will see to it you will get an offer within a day. If this is not possible we will contact you and explain why.

Please fax +31 578 575444 or e-mail info@gerfa-tools.nl your drawings.