Under the brand name DIF Gerfa Tools manufactures a high quality standard clamping and fixture tools, espacially for users with high demands. DIF exists out of smart mudulair elementes: T- bolts, T-nuts, studs, jacks, adjustable packing blocks, tooth- and stepblocks, straigth nuts and washers, nuts with radius and dished washers and differnt kind of clamps.

Benefits DIF:

High tensile strength and elasticity through special heat treatment. The geometryis machined and not formed. All clamping faces are grounded. All threads are cut and not rolled forgedardingsmethode.

By using a modulair system clamping will be faster and rebuilding will be less. Because of the stability and minimal vibration higher working speeds are possible. Also it prolongs the tool life of your tools.

Maximum absoption of vibrations through clamping with DIFand giveslesser rejection. This quality also helps to prolong tool life.

Cost reduction
DIF earns itself back: The long life time of DIF clamping tools, prolonging the life time of your tools and the shorter clamping time and machine time makes this possible.

You do not buy just DIF, but also efficiency en saftety.

DIF catalogue